Green Button Standard

Enhancement of the Green Button initiative of NIST by linking bill images to usage data and including bill-related fields in the XML schema.

Green Button Alliance(GBA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) U.S. DOC

Flux Tailor is working with the Green Button Alliance on a project funded by NIST to expand Green Button “Connect My Data” to more comprehensively include utility bill data.

The proposed schema update to achieve Phase I: “linking bill images to usage data” is available for review on Flux Tailor’s fork of the Green Button Github repository, in the retailcustomer.xsd file in the “etc” directory of a new “statement-update” branch.

You can use the repository’s “Discussion” tab to review and contribute detailed schema feedback on this standard update proposal. Thank you!

Click here to download a PDF with an executive summary of the project and update

Kindly provide input by using the below 5 question survey: