Grid Edge Transactions and GDPR’s Right to Erasure

Flux Tailor worked with LO3 Energy to review GDPR text, erasure request (“Article 17”) precedents, and academic literature to consider data privacy regulation implications as it relates to the energy usage data processed by the company. Our goal is to present this topic and background information to invite others to this conversation and jointly work towards solutions. The two core questions with which we started were outlined as follows:

  • Question 1: Is 15 minute interval energy consumption data considered “personal data”?
  • Question 2: If a deletion request is submitted under GDPR Section 3 Article 17 Right to Erasure “Right to be Forgotten”, what data needs to be deleted, and what data may be retained?

Download our industry brief here to learn more

3rd Parties and Beyond: Promoting Innovation Through Energy Data Sharing with “Nth Parties”

Regulation and technology solutions intended to enable data sharing in the energy industry often only consider “third parties”. This is not an accurate representation of how energy data is shared in reality, as there is often more than just a third party involved in customer-authorized energy data sharing to enable energy services.  In our white paper “3rd Parties and Beyond: Promoting Innovation Through Energy Data Sharing with “Nth Parties”,“ Flux Tailor and Mission:data review some of the current policy and technology roadblocks hampering innovation, and recommend solutions to these roadblocks. The paper received special support from Mission:data member Amperon, which provides AI-powered electricity demand forecasts derived from high-resolution AMI data.

Urjanet Utility Data Guru Series

A series for utility data management geeks and novices, exploring some of the challenges of handling utility data, and methods for addressing these challenges. A video of a webinar covering the first three topics is available here, click below images to download more in depth pdf guides. The guides and video are free but do require you to submit your e-mail address to Urjanet. Contact us if you have questions.

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