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About Flux Tailor LLC

We help organizations automate, integrate, and optimize the feeds of data they need to better manage utility usage and purchasing. We design user centric solutions that help people imagine, explore, and participate on the frontiers of clean tech innovation.

FLUX =  “flows” of utility services, and the “flows” of customer data about these services

tailor =   tailoring the right data “flows” needed to optimize the “flows”

About Klaar De Schepper, Principal and Founder

Klaar writes about the role of data access and standards in customer participation in smart grid innovation. She helps clients implement information management solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating value for both consumers and industry. Prior to starting Flux Tailor, Klaar De Schepper established a data team at Bright Power,  an Energy Management company. There, she helped implement data feeds for tens of thousands of utility meters and hundreds of utility companies across the US.

Klaar is an active contributor to the efforts of Mission:data, which works with utilities and utility commissions around the country to give customers and their chosen third parties access to standardized machine readable utility data. Klaar performed research for IBM and the Columbia University Libraries and is a published author. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Science and Sustainable Development from Columbia University.